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Drageeing copper
Puansons and matrixes



Tungsten mormyshkas
Rotate regulator 

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We invite you to our new big catalog of goods from producers of China. More then 2.000 companies and more then 500.000 various goods. Buy at ON-LINE-CHINA.COM We invite you to our new big catalog of goods from producers of China. More then 2.000 companies and more then 500.000 various goods. Buy at ON-LINE-CHINA.COM


Resource    -   catalog of the pharmaceutical information and the equipment. Help materials on technology of pharmaceutical manufacture Medical products. Tablets, granules, drops, ointments.   our problem - to give to the client the detailed information on the equipment and "Know-how" of pharmaceutical production The group is professionals in designing, manufacturing and sale tablet industrial equipment.  we Ask to address for Any information.                                                        Yours faithfully, Roman Tsibulsky  
At visiting of pages of our site  are to remember, that:
  • At your personal reference, through email and by phone we can give you more Information .
  • we give Some information Only to our clients
  • we are always open to cooperation with Interesting people. Are ready to give significant volume of the help and Assistance free-of-charge.
  • Getting at us any equipment Or service you it is guaranteed receive the help in the decision of problems and Consultations
  • we conduct the program on realization The equipment bought by our clients in a case not uses The repayment us of our equipment is possible also at the price of 50 % from initial Cost. We shall give the information on sale of your equipment on our site.
  • not only we sell most cheap industrial equipment, but also we assist in development Your business. At us it is a lot of information on suppliers pharmaceutical Raw material, manufacturers of pharmaceutical production and medicines. For 5 Years of activity through us has passed set of ideas on manufacture Pressed production. Ask us any information and it is possible Your expenses for study of a new direction will be reduced.
  • It is bought and we sell all connected with Pharmaceutical manufacture and technologies - write To us

   *** NEWS :  In 2007 we to open for our clients the NEW catalogue the pharmaceutical equipment.  More than 30 models various technological lines and separate machines. We can organize delivery our goods in any country of the world. Photos, the description and instructions of the user the pharmaceutical equipment under the lowest price.  We invite you! ***


Technologies of pharmaceutical manufacture Medical products -   detailed Instructions on industrial release of tablets, granules, drops, ointments, Suspensions, mixing of powders and liquids. Drawing protective Organic and polymeric shells on tablets. All about tablet Manufacture. Instructions on release of medical products. Ours Technologists spend free-of-charge consultations on medical and To pharmaceutical subjects   Help Free-of-charge info.  To read more in detail. .


the Catalogue of the pharmaceutical equipment - more than 30 models of the industrial equipment. Tablet press, rotory table of the machine, the drageeing copper, Amalgamators, granulators, dedusters, tablets and capsules. Technical Characteristics. Photos. The price-list. To look more in detail.


Free-of-charge to download and look VIDEO about ours The equipment  Our marketing Politics -  giving  the client at Free-of-charge video about our equipment. Download a reel!   It is sent Interested  free   CD video-catalogue. To look.

the Press-tool to rotory tablet presses- development, manufacture of punches and matrixes to tablet equipment. Electroerosive processing of metal. An engraving of trade marks On punches. Figured matrixes, non-standard tablets. Datery and Date stamps for drawing working life and date on packing. A stamping on blistere, a cardboard, a foil.   Replaceable press The tool. is more detailed.

Drageeing copper - the compact equipment for a covering of tablets organic Polymeric shells. Manufacture of drops. Technology drageeing. A photo and The description of the drageeing copper. The instruction of the user The price and conditions of delivery. To look more in detail.

Desktop granulator - the compact equipment for granulating powder Materials dry and damp granulation. Manufacture of granules in the size from 1 mm Up to 4. Technology granulating powders. A photo and The description granulator. The instruction of the user The price and conditions of delivery. To look more in detail.

Creation the Internet of sites, shops, catalogues, boards of free-of-charge announcements to our command experts on web- to design work , php- to programming. We have own technologies And tools on promotion of resources in search engines. The first positions in A Yandex, Aport, a Rambler, Google and Yahoo. Without a spam, without dispatches, only real effective methods. Guarantees. There are untwisted samples. The prices low from 200 dollars. We shall discuss, Address. Accommodation of advertising on any of our sites. More.

Manufacture of tungstic mormyshkas - we offer cooperation we have the compact equipment and Technology for manufacture of fishing tungstic mormyshkas by a method Powder metallurgy. Manufacture of mormyshkas from tungsten. Technologies Powder metallurgy. A photo and The description of manufacture of mormyshkas. We search for selling on mormyskasi The price and conditions of delivery from the manufacturer in Russia. To look more in detail.

Kapsulator (the equipment for manufacture soft Seamless gelatinous capsules) - the compact equipment for manufacture soft spherical Gelatinous capsules with oil substances. Manufacture of capsules gelatinous. Technology kapsulating oils in the gelatinous shell of a capsule. A photo and The description of kapsulator. The instruction of the user The price and conditions of delivery. To look more in detail.

Regulators of revolutions of electric motors - we sell frequency converters of a current. Inverters for Start el.motors on 380 V from a network 220 V without loss of capacity. Regulators of speed of rotation el.motors. Smooth start and braking of el.motors. A photo and The description of inverters. The instruction of the user The price and conditions of delivery. To look more in detail.

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Sugarcoating MachineS  
Electric Pilling Making Machine
Dragee boiler D-300
Laboratory Pulverizer
Desktop Pulverizer

Flowing Type Pulverizer
Mini Blister Machine
DPB70 Mini
DPP88 Mini Auto
DPP98 Al/PL Blister

DPP138A Al/PL Blister
DPP160G Big Honey Pill Blister
DLL158 High Speed Auto
DPP250G Big Honey Pill Blister
DPP250A AL/PL Blister
DPP160E Hard Double
DPP250B Injection Blister
DPP160F Blister machine
DPP300F Al/Plastic/AL Blister
Manual hydraulic tablet press
Laboratories Tablet press
Tablet press TDP-5
THP Flower type tablet press
DP30 Single Punch
ZP5-9 Rotary tablet press
ZP19/17 Rotary Tablet Press
ZP33 Rotary Tablet Press
ZP25 Rotary Tablet Press
ZPW21A Rotary Tablet Press
ZPW21B Rotary Tablet Press
ZP100 Rotary tablet press
ZP35A (B) Rotary Tablet Press
ZP37 Rotary Tablet Press
GZPL 16|23|30 Rotary tablet press
YK-60 Oscillating Granulator
KZL-80 | 100
XGB Dust Collector
LTB-A Bottle Labeling Machine
QVC Pneumatic Vacuum Material Loading Machine
Z-400 Counting- Filling Machine
Z-1000 Counting- Filling Machine

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  We make and sell pharmaceutic equipment in Russia.    Roman Tsibulsky.
.: +375 (29) 308-00-00
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